© MIM Photo Anne Deknock
  • IND ?> Inv. number


  • CN/NP ?> Common name / Nominal Pitch

    Oboe in C

  • TS ?> Type or system

    13 keys and 2 rings.

  • MK ?> Maker

    Horak, Johann Wenzel

  • IN ?> Mark, inscriptions

    (Bohemian lion) / J. HORAK / PRAG / * – on all 3 parts.

  • PL ?> Place of origin Prague
  • DM ?> Date of making 2nd half of the 19th century.
  • MATERIALS Boxwood with nickel silver keywork.
  • Body Length 567mm
  • TJ length (body + tenon) 220mm + 16.7mm
  • MJ length (body +tenon) 257mm + 17.5mm
  • B length 90mm
  • Acoustic Length 326mm
  • BORE
  • Minimal bore c4.0mm
  • Reed well diameter 7.3mm
  • Bore at end of TJ 10.2mm
  • Bore at top of MJ 11.3mm
  • Bore at end of MJ 20.3mm
  • Bore at top of B 21.6mm

    Keyheads have various designs, in-between Heyde type-181/4, 6 and 9, all on pillars and axles.

    Elaborate Sellner-oboe lay-out with 13 keys /14 touches (duplicate for Bb) and 2 rings.

    On TJ: Speaker (slur key or octave key), D or C# trill for L3, C for R1, Bb for R1 with duplicate for L0, G# for L4;

    On MJ: F# vent on axle linked with ‘Brille’ key , cross-F; left F, left Eb and low B with long levers for L4, low B key on MJ, C-C#-Eb.

    Left F and Left Eb both with separate tone-holes.

    left Eb, low B and F in 'French' layout, the left Eb being on the ‘inside’.

    SATK (springs attached to the key).

    Lower key-holes milled out and countersunk.

    Wooden thumb rest.

    3rd hole doubled with finger cove.

    Short bell with inner rim, no vent-holes.

    Metal lining: sockets, joint and bell ends. Upper key-holes with metal insert.

  • FL ?> Faults

    Fair condition: small crack in top brass ferrule. Body polish worn. One key loose. Some springs and pads missing. Several cracks in bell. Bottom bell ferrule missing.

  • CS ?> Case

    Leather-covered wooden case, marked “Albert de Wildeman”. Instruments fits in 2 parts. Dimensions: (LxDxH)  437 x 110 x 83mm.
    Reed box present for 3 reeds (absent) of max. length 66mm. Dimensions: (LxDxH) 83.3 x 48.1 x 15.8mm.
    Wooden container, barrel with round lid, containing a glass bottle (for oil). Lid containing screwdriver. Second space identical with the one for the little barrel, only a little smaller, empty.

  • UP ?> Usable Pitch

    Only left hand notes could be played pointing towards A = c430Hz with reed TL 68.9mm / staple 42mm /7.7mm.

  • PC ?> Performance Characteristics

    Instrument could not be evaluated accurately due to bad condition.

  • PO ?> Previous Ownership

    Gift of Carlier, “hautboïste de Léopold II”. Brown (2006) p.27 reports that Albert de Wildeman (see above) was a student of Frantisek Schidlik (1814–post 1885) at the Ghent conservatory where he obtained a 1st prize in 1882. Bohemian oboes were not common in Belgium. Schidlik, being a Bohemian immigrant himself, is probably responsible for the presence of this instrument.