I wish to thank all the people who assisted or advised me with the making of this catalogue:


The staff of the Brussels MIM:


Dr Pascale Vandervellen, curator

Géry Dumoulin, head of the wind instruments section

Dr Saskia Willaert, Mimo-project

Joris Devalck and his staff in the workshop

Anne Deknock and Simon Egan, photography

Evelien van Biezen from the museum workshop for metal determination


External experts


Charles Indekeu, and his assistants Jolien Paeshuys and Manu Frederickx (MIM staff) for wood determination

Paul Dombrecht, for his expertise and assistance in determining the instruments’ UP Usable Pitch

Marcel Ponseele, for his expertise and for supplying measurements of some instruments

Christopher Cartwright (F), for language check

Johannes Fankhauser (CH), for remaking some instrument drawings

Jacob Vermeulen and Merlijn Cantineau, for website construction


Dr Frank Bär, Nürnberg (D)

Georges Barthel, Basel (CH)

Dr Silke Berdux, München (D)

Alfredo Bernardini, Mantova (IT)

Tony Bingham, London (UK)

Dr Jan Bouterse, Utrecht (NL)

Dr Geoffrey Burgess, Philadelphia (USA)

Dr Ignace De Keyser, Ghent (BE)

Han De Vries, Amsterdam (NL)

Nicholas Eastop, Stockholm (SE)

Dr Heike Fricke, Berlin (D)

Alain Girard, Basel (CH)

Dr Bruce Haynes, Montreal (CA) (✝May 17, 2011)

Dr Herbert Heyde, New York (USA)

Dr Gunther Joppig, München (D)

Thomas Kiefer, Westfalen (D)

Dr Martin Kirnbauer, Basel (CH)

Taka Kitazato, Den Haag (NL)

Dr Andrew Lamb, Oxford (UK)

Dr David Lasocki, Bloomington, Indiana (USA)

Mathieu Loux, Brussels (BE)

Dr Marie Martens, Kopenhagen (DK)

Dr Darryl Martin, Edinburgh (UK)

Dr Arnold Myers, Edinburgh (UK)

Dr Sarah Richardson, Vermillion - South Dakota (USA)

Dr Kazuhiko Shima, Hamamatsu (JP)

Guntram Wolf, Kronach (D)


The staff from the Brussels Royal Conservatory (B) –

Trobadors artistic research department


Dr Peter Swinnen, director

Dr Kristin Van den Buys, head of the artistic research department

Dr Barthold Kuijken, for his support and ideas


And finally, my wife Maryse Crol, for her support during all my absences.